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10 Attractions for a Getaway in a Day from Auckland

On New Zealand’s north island, Auckland is located around two harbours. Home to beaches, islands, secret gardens and other tourist spots, Auckland is an excellent place to live. Here are a few places to visit during a day trip from Auckland:

1. Orewa Beach:

On the Pacific Beach, Orewa Beach is a three-kilometre-long sandy beach. It is a suburb of Auckland. Orewa is located on the Hibiscus Coast and is a suburb of Auckland. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. It can be a perfect one-day trip, with aucklandbushire offering different activities.



Source: flickr.com

Distance from Auckland: 41 Km

Travel Time: 35 Minutes

It is an impressive beach resort with multiple activities for tourists. The beach is long and scenic and is perfect for long walks and relaxing. It is the best place for swimming and surfing to help rejuvenate the soul. The gentle waves of the endless ocean on this beach make it worth visiting. It is safe for water sports, and visitors can enjoy different activities on a getaway at this beach. It is a flat-fronted, golden, sandy beach with opportunities for jogging, kitesurfing, walking, and even fishing on a warm summer day.


Kitesurfing or kiteboarding along the waves is one fun sport to enjoy at this beach.  Paddle Surfing is another fun activity; the stand-up paddle boats found here are a fun experience even for beginners. Another attraction for beginners is kayaking, as it requires only basic skills. Rowing a kayak on one’s holiday can be thrilling and fun. It is just one of the fun activities offered at Orewa Beach.

Cycling along the beach - bikes can be hired at the beach for less than $10. In addition, tourists can enjoy horse riding at the beach. Horses can be hired through the official website of the beach.

In addition to activities on the beach, there are different cafes and restaurants in the surrounding areas. The town around the coast is also a tourist attraction because it is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural.  A market is set in Orewa Square every Sunday, and local sellers gather there. People visiting the beach can have a chance to buy local products on that occasion. Moreover, the beach has proper parking for group transport such as buses from aucklandbushire.

2. Papakura:

Papakura is a southern suburb of Auckland. Pahurehure, Rosehill, Redhill and Opaheke are the significant attractions of Papakura. A day trip with aucklandbushire can be enjoyable, including a visit to the following places. 




Distance from Auckland: Almost 33.4 Km

Travel Time: Almost half an hour (30 Minutes)

Papakura is known for its thriving town centre art galleries and museums. Listed below are some major attractions in Papakura


1. Hawkins Theatre: 

It is an art centre and community cinema based in Papakura. Hawkins Theatre is a performing art venue which showcases dance, music, theatre and films. The theatre's rooftop is a moonlight cinema; watch movies under the sky. It is a purpose-built theatre and a place to watch art performances like dance, plays or a film. Add it to the day trip planned with aucklandbushire


2. Papakura Museum:

Papakura Museum is one of the major attractions for most tourists. Papakura Museum traces the city's history back to its settlement. This past is reflected here by more than 10,000 items and photographs. Moreover, the military gallery is also one of the significant elements here. It records the military presence which has been here since the 1860s. The military gallery mainly focuses on common military history. Each year, this museum organises 3 to 4 exhibitions based on different themes; these exhibitions usually run for two to three months. A comprehensive account of events or exhibitions during your visit can be researched online. Let aucklandbushire take you there on time, in comfort.


3. Clevedon Animal farm:

One of the best animal farms and aquariums. It has different activities and a range of animals. If you are an animal lover or want to go down memory lane of your childhood visits to the zoo, this is the best option to add during a day trip. 

4. Bruce's Pulman Park:

A large park lined with trees and a sports and other recreational activities centre. It is an outdoor activities park with paths for jogging and walking; well-maintained with a netball centre. It can be a good stop on a day trip. Aucklandbushire is your reliable travel resource. 

5. Auckland Botanical Gardens:

A 65-hectare Garden with native forest. Free entry throughout the day, with more than 9000 plant species, with access easily. 

3. Whatipu Beach:

A breathtaking beach with serene surroundings, located in the Waitakere Ranges in the West of Auckland. A scientific reserve managed by the Department of Conservation and Reserve Auckland. It is a must-visit place on a relaxing day trip as it has moderate traffic and fun activities for visitors. Aucklandbushire - local drivers, local knowledge.

Source: flickr.com

Distance from Auckland: 40 Km

Travel Time: Almost 1 Hour

If you are planning a weekend to recharge your energy, the calmness of this remote beach and its breathtaking views can be your answer. A black sand beach with dunes and caves all around the deep turquoise water of the Tasman Sea. This remote beach is the most scenic in the area. 

Whatipu Beach is an excellent picnic spot and the perfect road trip destination. Everyone can enjoy a BBQ with travel buddies and walk beside the sea. A trip with aucklandbushire makes for a memorable day.

An all-season beach with stunning dunes and caves on its coast is perfect for a stroll. There is a lighthouse, “Whatipu Beach Beacon,” which offers, from the headland, a heavenly view of the west coast. If you are fond of photography, we at aucklandbushire advise you to carry a camera around to capture some excellent shots. 

However, it is not advised to swim at this beach due to fast currents. But other than that, it is a perfect tourist spot and can be the best one-day trip. Aucklandbushire can be at your service throughout this planned trip. So, be ready for catharsis on this fantastic beach near Auckland. 


4. Muriwai:

Muriwai is a coastal community. It is on the west coast near Auckland—one of New Zealand's most spectacular black sand surf beaches. The black sand surf beach and surrounding area are popular recreational areas for Aucklanders. It is most famously home to a gannet colony.



Distance from Auckland: Almost 41.6 Km

Travel Time: 38 Minutes

Following is a list of things you should do while in Muriwai with aucklandbushire

1. Gannet colony:

Top Of Rugged coastal cliffs and stacks is a colony of gannets. These magisterial sea birds are astounding to see close-ups. The best time to see these gannets is between August and March

2. Walk the Muriwai beach loop:

Have a fantastic time at the stunning beach of Muriwai by taking the Muriwai beach loop track. It takes almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. The walk takes you through the dunes, onto Muriwai Beach and back along the walkway alongside the coast road. Guided walks can be booked.  

3. Do some Surfing:

Stunning Muriwai Beach and Maori Bay are famous surfing locations. There is a surf school for beginners. Kiteboarding and windsurfing can be fun to enjoy too.

4. Take a trip to Henga (Bethells Beach):

A 40-minute drive from Muriwai takes you to this beautiful beach. This beach is famous for surfing. You can get great views from the Hillary walkway and enjoy water sports like surfing. On a day trip, it is one of the best places aucklandbushire suggests you add to your wish list.

5. Visit Lake Wainamu:

While exploring the Bethells beach area, take advantage of Lake Wainamu! This stunning lake, surrounded by dunes, is a fantastic place to swim, relax, and enjoy nature. There is a waterfall at the far end of the lake.

6. Play a round of Golf :

With extraordinary coastal views, Muriwai Golf Link is a course to be noticed. The golf club in Muriwai has many facilities, especially for visitors wanting to rent gear and play somewhere economical. Aucklandbushire must be your travel partner of choice.

5. Waiuku:

The heritage town of Waiuku is a rural town packed with unique features, located at the Southern end of the Waiuku River. It has many attractions like Waiuku Regional Park, Manukau Heads Lighthouse, a vintage train track and a heritage site. It can be a perfect day trip destination with multiple fun activities. The trip can be enjoyed fully when aucklandbushire is your coach operator. 


Distance from Auckland: 64 Km

Travel Time: Almost 1 Hour

1. Vintage railway rides:

Enjoying memory lane can be fun, and vintage steam or diesel engines are a perfect way to enjoy it. At Glenbrook Station Road, you start your vintage railway ride on beautifully restored steam engines, a scenic journey of 15 Km to Manukau Harbour, offered from Saturday to Monday. Travel there in style with Aucklandbushire. 

2. Manukau Head Lighthouse:

The picturesque lighthouse is one of the most popular picture spots, offering amazing photo opportunities from outside and inside. 

3. Waiuku forest:

It is a Crown Forest managed as a tourist spot with multiple attractions like hiking on a trail around the forest. You can enjoy mountain biking here along with other fun activities while surrounded by nature. A must-add place to your day trip destinations with aucklandbushire. 

4. Waiuku Golf and Squash Club:

A perfect getaway place from the hustle and bustle of city life, a perfectly built golf course with a warm atmosphere is on offer. It is a member club but welcomes visitors to try 18 or 9-hole courses. Acceptable tree-lined golf courses with hidden challenges. So, a little game of golf on your trip with aucklandbushire is a fun activity to add to your wish list.

There are other exciting and fun activities besides the ones mentioned above, like carving your greenstone pendant. The Cabbage Tree Cottage, 60 West Coast Road, offers a glimpse of old Maori tradition. You can also taste Awhitu Wines' local wine and harbour views. A fun place to take a break on your day off. aucklandbushire. 

6. Parakai:

A Northern town, near the Kaipara Harbour. It is home to many tourist attractions and relaxing places. It has hot water springs, eateries and a wide variety of things to do for fun. A day trip with aucklandbushire can be exciting.



Source: parakaisprings.com

Distance from Auckland: 48 Km

Travel Time: Almost 50 Km

Places that can be visited during a day trip:

1. Palm Springs Geothermal pools: 

A getaway trip is all about rejuvenating and relaxing. The geothermal pools in Parakai are the richest ones providing clean and healthy geothermal water for you to relax. They have an attractive atmosphere with palm trees and hot spring pools. It is an excellent place to add to a day trip bucket list with aucklandbushire.

2. Skydiving:

Skydiving is a sport with adrenaline rush and thrills, and it can be a great activity during a trip. It helps in viewing the town from high up. You can check your options and book a perfect experience of skydiving.  

3. Woodhill Mountain Bike Park:

It is a 50 km mountain bike riding track, a venue that ranks among the best. It boasts a pine forest and more than 60 bike tracks. Not a keen biker, a walk around the park can be excellent for taking a break surrounded by nature. A keen biker, it is a must-visit for you. 

4. Omeru reserve:

Omeru Reserve is a scenic natural reserve with a steep incline. It can be explored on a day trip with aucklandbushire. 

5. Westbrook Winery:

An acknowledged spot for a getaway. Family-run, offering wine tasting in the countryside. It has a lovely lily pond on a grassy terrace producing a serene environment. A visit can be achieved with aucklandbushire. 

In addition, some restaurants serve freshly hunted meat and are famously known among the town's attractions. So, on a day trip, you can enjoy different outdoor activities, walk surrounded by nature, and have good food. All of it can be enjoyed with aucklandbushire. 

7. Whangarei Heads:

Whangarei Heads is a town centre located near Auckland, a natural playground with coastal beaches, volcanic peaks, a harbour, and a forest. It is a destination popular among tourists. It has opportunities for walking, playing sports, or enjoying the beach. Along with these energetic activities, it also has a strong art community that arranges events to showcase the talent of local artists. A one-day trip can be planned with aucklandbushire to make the experience worth it. 

Source: flickr.com

Distance from Auckland: 160 Km

Travel Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes


1. Ocean beach:

It is the top-visited beach in the region and is famous for surfing. There is a proper surf patrol on this beach. You can enjoy Boogie Boarding, surfing, and other water activities on the beach. It is a white sand beach with sheltered waterways, making it attractive and worth visiting. Aucklandbushire can help you throughout the tour to this beach. 


2. Mount Manaia:

At Taurikura Bay, Mount Manaia has a spectacular view of the city. The track of the mount is a dramatic experience with unmatched views from the top. The summit of the mount requires a strong head for heights, but it is worth it. It is covered with the native forest and large tree ferns with rocky outcrops, making it unforgettable. Aucklandbushire will get you there. 

3. A visit to Desired Bay:

Taurikura Bay, Urquharts Bay, Smugglers Bay, Mcleod Bay, and others are the top most visited bays in the area. It is a land of waterfalls, beaches, and bays. There is a different attraction at each of the mentioned places. A day trip can include visiting one to sit and relax. They are good picnic spots for family outings. Other activities with views of nature can be added to a well-planned, relaxing day trip. Aucklandbushire.

8. Athenree:

At the northern end of Tauranga Harbour is located the coastal town of Anthenree. It is a seaside settlement with different attractions offering lots of fun activities. It has several beaches and quiet waterside havens, making it the perfect place to relax on a holiday treat. It is a day trip destination with aucklandbushire, including some or all of the following activities:

Source: athenreehotsprings.co

Distance from Auckland: 155 Km

Travel Time:  2 Hours

1. Omokoroa Walkway:

A scenic yet quiet walkway which shares an off-road path and a local road along the ocean. It is a 19km path where cycling can be fun. Aucklandbushire can add it to the day trip spot when in Athenree.

2. Athenree Hot springs:

It is an all-season family park with two hot water mineral pools. It is a 5-minute walk from the beach with a beautiful park setting. It is a well-maintained place with friendly staff. So, to take off all the weary burdens, visit these hot springs and enjoy a hot mineral bath. 

3. Anzac Bay:

A harbour beach famous for family days out. A beautiful beach that is safe for swimming with a lovely coastal bay for walking. It is an idyllic and peaceful beach covered in the shade of the Pohutukawa Trees -The pohutukawa tree (Metrosideros Excelsa) is a beautiful flowering tree, commonly called the New Zealand Christmas tree because of its vibrant deep red flowers. There are many options for surfing at this beach, and you can enjoy cycling, jogging, and walking by the beach with the view of its incredible waves. There is a large reserve area and also access to parking. It is a calm spot for a picnic and enjoying yourself. It is a recommended relaxing spot by aucklandbushire on a day trip. 

4. Karangahake Windows Walk:

A scenic spot for a walk along the Karangahake Gorge among the remains of a gold mine. Enjoy a walk through the relics of mining. It is a heritage site with great views and the possibility of visiting disused gold mines. A walk around can be a soothing experience with beautiful views and fun-filled memories of past times. It can be an excellent trail to add some thrill and excitement to the day trip planned with aucklandbushire. 

In addition, there are other activities like surfing, water sports, paintball, and more. Beach walks and little trails are in abundance with the blooming beauty of nature. There are also waterside cafes and restaurants along with waterside accommodations. So to take a break from your busy life, plan a trip on the weekend with aucklandbushire.


9. Matamata:

Matamata is located near the base of Kaimai Ranges, known worldwide for the Hobbit movie’s set. It is a farming area with rolling hills and grasslands.  It is a close-to-nature getaway with scenic views and serenity. A fun trip with different activities can be planned with aucklandbushire to Matamata for a day trip from Auckland.



Source: flickr.com

Distance from Auckland: 159 Km

Travel Time: Almost 2 Hours

Hobbit Holes:

The best place to visit on a day trip in Matamata is a movie set with Hobbit holes. It is a wizardry place giving a fantasy of love with one's favourite films, Hobbit and Lord of Rings. People visit it to live their Hollywood fiction life as imaginary characters. Aucklandbushire can take you on a magical journey with the movie set as a main focus.

Firth Tower:

Matamata has many other attractions and activities, like visiting the Firth Tower. This was built in 1882 and is a picturesque tower with 13 buildings surrounding it, all offering exhibitions. Visiting museums and exhibitions during the day trip can be a fun activity. Information and booking can be made online and transport arranged with aucklandbushire.

Heritage Trail:

A walk around this humble Kiwi town offers a different experience. One activity can be the Matamata Heritage Trail, a 1 hour 40 minutes trail starting from i-SITE. It would include viewing some amazing gardens, heritage bank buildings, and even the railway plantation from 1855. 

It can be a fun experience during a day trip with your partner aucklandbushire.  Another place worth visiting is a walk around the Kaimai Range. You can take a short walk to the summit of Kaimai. Rapurapu Kauri Track is another exotic forest to walk around. It offers a perfect getaway place along a stream you cross several times during the walk.

The Escape Room:

Another walk is very famous, but it is a puzzle-solving walk. The Escape room found here is a themed, trapped escape room. If you plan on having fun with your travel buddies, you can visit it to solve the puzzle of getting out of the puzzle room. It is fun and can be the best activity to add to your day trip on a rainy day.

Hot Water Pool:

An outdoor hot water pool is an excellent rejuvenating activity during a day trip to Matamata. You can stop there in the evening - to relax under the stars—a fantastic and reasonably priced activity to end your day trip with aucklandbushire.


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