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7 Tips to Make Weddings Go Smoothly

by Iris


As a wedding planner, you can never be too cautious or too prepared for your client's wedding day. The last thing you want to happen on the big day is to disappoint your client and get stressed over things and mishaps that you could have prevented in the first place.

And because the wedding season is coming up, we've gathered a few tips for the wedding planners out there who are making dreams happen for their clients from all over New Zealand.

1. Make sure the right suppliers are complete.

Based on the wedding day's itinerary, you can pretty much know which suppliers are needed to make the wedding successful and happen as planned.

Aside from the usual venue, catering, and lights and sounds suppliers, you will also need to factor in wedding hosts and performers (DJ's, bands, quartets), transportation for guests' transfers, etc… It is only when you pay attention to the nitty gritty of the wedding day schedule will you see several requirements that will need extra pairs of hands to fulfil.

As early as possible, finalise your list of needed suppliers with your bridal clients so you can book these suppliers at the most reasonable rates possible and secure them for your clients' weddings.

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Celebrate Love with Comfortable Wedding Day Transfers

2. Enforce punctuality.

When people are on-time, everyone has time and assurance to relax. There are only a few things worse than a bride stressing out because her bridesmaids are taking too long, or a groom starting to panic because the bride has been taking too long.

Create a timeline that everyone should follow. From the bride to the venue suppliers, to the groomsmen, to the wedding transportation provider, inform everyone involved about the complete timeline and indicate what are the times of the day they should take note of and call times they should follow.

3. Satiate those hunger pangs.

Believe it or not, many conflicts and stressful situations happen on wedding days even before the ceremony starts just because people are hungry. We've seen it.

Aside from the wedding reception's catering, your clients and their loved ones still need to eat at the right times during the entire day. For example, if your clients are having a sunset wedding and a dinner reception, don't forget to arrange for food to be delivered or served in packs for family and entourage members who will be preparing for the photoshoots and ceremony together for almost the entire day.

4. Make sure enough outlets and electrical appliances are made available by a designated family member.

Wrinkled clothes are a sore sight on such a significant occasion and phones running out of battery can be the reason for communication breakdown during the most crucial times, T-minus hours or minutes before the wedding.

Ask the bride or groom for a name who could be the reliable god of electricity during the day of the wedding. Their job is to bring extension cords for people to use to charge their phones, iron their clothes, curl their hair, etc…

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Follow the sound of wedding bells with a budget-friendly coach hire.

5. Have contact details of important entourage members.

Yes, yes, all the entourage members are important... But we are talking about really important people when it comes to coordinating the event and running emergency tasks. This could refer to the parents, siblings, maids of honour and best men. Because no matter how skilled or experienced you are as a wedding planner, getting assistance from family members or entourage members can be a huge help during the wedding day.

Are you wondering how long the bride would take until she returns from the loo? It would be great if you can reach her maid of honour. Do you need to have the groom and his men to the hotel garden for their photo shoot schedule, call the best man so he can round up the boys.

Instead of constantly referring to the bride and groom (who need to savour their last hours of singlehood, finalise their vows, and enjoy every minute of their wedding day), manage the event and iron out minor details using the help of the couple's trusted people.

Obtain contact details only after getting explicit permission from these people.

6. Prevent the huge problems caused by little pesky things.

You've seen brides almost pull out their hair after a button pops off their wedding dress while putting it on. You're also horrified by the possibility of the scenario where the best man or ring bearer forgets where they put the wedding rings.

Create a list of little accidents that could cause huge trouble, delays, and stress if you are not prepared for them. Having safety pins, basic sewing kit, shoe repair glue, rags, baby wipes, first-aid kit, batteries, lighter, etc... can put you and your clients mind to rest when it comes to emergency and unforeseen situations.

7. Take care of wedding transportation needs

For a lot of weddings in Auckland, guests are flying in to join the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony and celebration. Relatives, old friends, and even former colleagues will be arriving from all over New Zealand and the world. They may not have their own cars with them and they will need bus hire Auckland rides to go from hotel to ceremony venue to reception and back to the hotel for the day.

To take the pressure of accommodating the guests' wedding transportation needs from your clients' shoulders, take us as your go-to wedding transportation provider. The Coach Company NZ has a network and fleet of different vehicles that service wedding party groups all over the country. With our van, bus hire, and coach hire options that are well-maintained and manned by our highly-trained drivers, guests are assured reliable, safe, and comfortable wedding transportation.

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